What Calls You? 5 Tips For Finding “Who You Are”

I want to use this blog as a way to challenge male stereotypes, “man codes”, etc. and what better way to do that than to breakdown a children’s “princess” movie from a male, psychological perspective. I’m Andrew, I’m… Read More

Man-Up: 5 Tips For Becoming a More Emotionally-Engaged Father

  What’s the point of being an emotionally-engaged father? Isn’t it just a lot of girly stuff? Why can’t I just be provider and disciplinarian while their mother deals with the emotions? The advantages of being an emotionally-engaged father are numerous. A feeling… Read More

The Emotionally-Present Father

Fatherhood Today Fathers today are expected to be more emotionally involved in their kid’s lives than ever before. Yet many of us find this to be new, uncharted terrain, quite different from the fathering we experienced as children…. Read More


What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is a pretty big buzzword in therapy today but what does it really mean? Does it mean doing yoga, meditating, sitting silently in a dark room, or just stopping to smell the flowers? Mindfulness… Read More

Creating Boundaries in Your Relationships

Boundaries is a topic that comes up many times in my work with clients. Here is the most simple definition: boundaries are things that you are okay with and not okay with. For example, in your personal relationships,… Read More

Don’t Move On Yet: Why Processing Grief is Essential

It seems pretty simple: you lose something or someone and you grieve the loss of that. But why is that process so difficult for so many people? What makes us want to completely avoid it in any way… Read More

Taking the Control Back- 5 Steps in Managing Anxiety

More and more people today are noticing that they may have some anxiety and how that’s impacting their lives. I’ve gathered my top interventions for dealing with anxious symptoms and how to make sure that it no longer… Read More

Tell a Little Story: The positive impact that storytelling can have on your child

We’ve all been there as moms. Your child trips and falls and is crying inconsolably. You hold and comfort him and help clean up the wound. Maybe you even offer a little kiss on the boo-boo to make… Read More

Time to Set Everything Aside and Play with your Kids!

  Most people can’t argue with the fact that life is busy. You have a million things to think about and do, only some of which are your career, home life, errands, taking care of responsibilities for the… Read More

Listen to Me!: How to Improve Communication Breakdowns

Healthy patterns of communication in a couple can be so nurturing and positive for the relationship. It promotes a healthier sense of being, connection, parenting, and caring. However, most couples also find this to be the hardest and… Read More